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The Marketing Foundation for an Auto Repair Shop - Part 2: Local Search

Posted by Joe Pfender on Thu, Dec 22, 2022 @ 11:12 AM

In Auto Repair Shop Marketing, Auto Repair Shop SEO

Part 2: Local Search Optimization With a Listing Management Service for Auto Shop Relevant Backlinks

Most folks don’t know their way around Local SEO. However, if you know your industry and your way around the auto repair shop, why would you need to know this sort of thing in the first place?

In terms of business in the 21st century, it’s an imperative component of an effective marketing strategy, as new customers will often hear about your shop from a quick Google search.

The Internet is vast, but searching for terms like “auto repair shops near me” or simply “auto repair shops” will often yield local results first, so a customer can access real options nearby to get the service they need.

How do you guarantee you’ll be high on that list or sitting pretty on the tippy top? Focusing on Local Search Optimization with a listing management service for Auto Shop relevant backlinks will help.

The best part? The best Local SEO listing management services do all the heavy lifting for you!

Market Analysis

First, a thorough market analysis needs to be conducted. It’s imperative the Local SEO management company understands your target audience, their values, and their needs. Once we identify what is important to this group, we can identify opportunities and create a targeted campaign to bring them into your shop.

As an auto repair shop, there are some universal components. Customers want to ensure your technicians are well-trained and qualified for repairs of all kinds, from old, traditional mechanical parts to new state-of-the-art technology that more manufacturers are making standard.

They want to know you use high-quality parts, communicate openly and honestly about what’s going on with the vehicle, and that you offer excellent value by balancing top-notch service at a reasonable rate.

Gap Analysis

Who are the auto shops that pop on the search before you do? What terms do they use that help drive traffic to them over you? What are they doing that you should be doing?

Don’t rack your brain trying to decipher the answer. Instead, please leave it to your Local SEO management service to crack the code and find areas where your site could improve. This will translate to more traffic, visibility, and, of course, sales!

SEO_Light Blue

SEO Analysis

They’ll also make sure your site, as it stands today, is something that would appear in the local search results. SEO experts understand the algorithm intimately, and driving traffic to your site is the cornerstone of their business.

They may improve your ranking by use of auto shop-relevant backlinks, which provide a user links to relevant content and vice versa to create a big, interconnected network of auto shop-related content.

If done well, you’ll become part of an interconnected network that helps those seeking auto shop-related content and services with your information, leading to increased sales.

Listing & Reputation Management

Leveraging a listing management service & evaluating the competitive SEO landscape are  the first steps in auto repair Local Search Optimization. It’s a big advantage to have a tool that helps you manage your brand’s online reputation, keeps your listings consistent, & helps to increase business visibility on organic local search. 

Once you have your listings set up, consumers will start to find & consider your auto repair shop for service. It’s safe to say that the majority of customers start the buying process by reading your Google Reviews. Part 3 of The Marketing Foundation for an Auto Repair Shop will dive into Google reviews.

Do you have a listing management tool in place? Many auto repair shop website companies include this with website management. Have us perform an evaluation with our managed listings tool to confirm that your business is present and has accurate data. We offer Listing Management as an a la carte service, even if your website is not managed with us. Learn more here.