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Adam Kushner

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Don’t Gamble With Your Auto Repair Shop’s Google Ad Spend Budget: Choosing a Google Ads Account Manager

In the digital age that we all live in, auto repair shop business owners hear this over and over…

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Presentation: The Marketing Foundation for an Auto Repair Shop

For digital marketing success, an auto repair shop should focus on the core elements of marketing first. These include website, local search optimization, review generation, and Google Ads. When this...

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The Marketing Foundation for an Auto Repair Shop - Part 1: Websites

Part 1: A Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website That Represents Your Brand and Resonates With Your Target Market

Good marketing is a tricky and often elusive thing for auto repair shops. Still, it is...

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Don't Google Yourself! How to See Your True Ranking

Any good mechanic will know that you need to have the right tools for the job; you can't use a hammer instead of a wrench. The same principle applies to measuring your online presence. There are more...

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BA's Interview with Bill DeBoer of DeBoer's Auto

Business Actualization had the pleasure of being able to interview Bill DeBoer of DeBoer's Auto. William J. DeBoer (Bill Jr.) is Co-owner and Vice President at DeBoer’s Auto. Bill's approach to...

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Social Media Publishing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Publishing content to your auto repair shop’s social media pages can be just one more thing to check off your marketing to-do list, or it can be an integral part of your online marketing strategy....

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Professional Diagnostics by an Expert Auto Repair Shop Is Essential

A warning light on the dash of your vehicle is a clear indication that something is wrong. When this occurs, the best option for drivers is to seek a professional vehicle repair shop right away. Keep...

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Will Digital Inspections Revolutionize Customer Interaction for Auto Repair Shops?

One of the biggest trends in automotive inspections is the introduction of digital inspections. Keeping track of inspection data on computer tablets rather than paper has several benefits and allows...

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How Auto Repair Shop Video Marketing Helps Connect With Customers

How do many car owners determine where they'll go for an oil change, inspection, repair, or other needed service on their car? They pop onto the internet and search with general terms like "service...

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